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Tracking CPD with Asset TV

Every video you watch on Asset TV is automatically added to your CPD profile. From your CPD profile you are able to:

  • Add a reflective statement
  • Complete an associated quiz (if applicable)
  • Add non Asset TV CPD activities (conference attendance, reading etc)
  • Filter your CPD history to show the most appropriate results
  • Export your CPD to PDF or CSV

You can access your CPD by visting your dashboard and then selecting "CPD Statement"


For your convenience, we have segmented your video views into structured and unstructured. Videos designated for 'structured' are either accredited via an accrediting body (eg, Akademia) or are suitable to be considered as structured (eg, Masterclass). However, it remains up to you to determine the appropriate CPD classification.

CPD Activities

Videos you watch on Asset TV are automatically added to your activity history including how much of the video you have watched. From your profile you are able to add reflective statements to your viewing history.

You can also filter your activities list by type meaning you can filter the results to show just structured or unstructured content; content watched in full or to be completed; or whether or not a reflective statement has been added.

CPD filters

Setting Targets

From the analytics page you are able to set your own personal targets along with your CPD start date and end date for the current period.

CPD targets

Track your progress relative to your peers

We've added charts to help you break down your CPD learning by learning type and relative to other users.

CPD peer review

Tracking off-platform activities

It is also possible to track CPD activities you may have completed outside the Asset TV platform. From your CPD profile select the Add CPD button on the left hand side of the screen and fill in the form.

Adding custom CPD