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How can I tell which videos are accredited for structured CPD?

The videos on Asset TV which are suitable for structured CPD are longer than 30 minutes and provide you with learning outcomes, stated underneath the video.

Akademia is our designated website for structured CPD where all the content is suitable for structured CPD. Asset TV and Akademia are linked and all content will be visible in the same CPD statement.

If you find a video labelled either structured or unstructured is incorrect for you, you can edit it directly on your statement by expanding the item and clicking Edit CPD.


For your convenience, we have segmented your video views into structured and unstructured. Videos designated for 'structured' are either accredited via an accrediting body (eg, Akademia) or are suitable to be considered as structured (eg, Masterclass). However, it remains up to you to determine the appropriate CPD classification.