What are the minimum requirements for viewing content on Asset TV

Asset TV regularly tests the performance of its products and features on stable versions of major browsers. This article lists the browsers that Asset TV officially supports.


Asset TV will not work without Javascript enabled. This should be enabled by default in most circumstances. If in doubt you should contact your IT department.

Browser Support

Browser Type Browser
Desktop Minimum browser versions of the following:
  • Chrome 65
  • Edge 16
  • Firefox 60
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Safari 10
Mobile Minimum browser versions of the following for Android 4.4+ and iOS 11+:
  • Chrome 63
  • Safari 10

Network Support

If your system meets the requirements above and you are still experiencing issues, we recommend you contact your network administrator and request the following:

Whitelist the following domains:

  • *.asset.tv - Our main domain
  • *.assettv.co.za - Used for South Africa
  • *.assettv.com - Used for the US
  • *.assettv.ca - Used for Canada
  • *.atvforms.io - Used for quizzes and forms
  • *.al5.io - Used for CPD and Analytcs
  • *.getmediamanager.com - Our content CDN
  • *.jwpcdn.com - Our video player analytics
  • *.vimeo.com - Used for live streaming
  • *.vimeocdn.com - Used for live streaming
  • *.vcplive.com - Used for our Virtual Conference Platform
  • *.jitsi.net - Used for interactive meeting room on our Virtual Conference Platform


We serve all of our content over HTTPS port 443.