We’ve taken your feedback on-board and the CPD statement has been dramatically improved.

Here are some of the features of the new CPD statement explained:

1. You can adjust your date range to reflect your CPD year and these settings will be remembered next time you return to your profile page. You can do this by changing the date “from” and “to”. You can include a date in the future and it will only pull video views from this date range.

2. Videos with a blue badge indicating “structured” over the image are accredited for structured learning CPD. If you watch one of these programmes in its entirety and add a reflective statement, you will be able to submit it as structured CPD to your accrediting body.

3. You can easily see the videos you have not completed watching – the viewing time displays red and videos that are complete show view time in green. You can click directly from the CPD statement to continue to watch an incomplete video by clicking the “Continue Watching Video” button and it will take you to where you left off. 

4. You can sort video views by “accredited for structured” and “unstructured” so you can see these videos on their own.

5. You can print your statement directly from the CPD profile page to submit it to your accrediting body.